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Josh Redd, DC, DABFM, DAAIM successfully treats Hashimoto’s, autoimmune, type 2 diabetes, and brain-related conditions using science-backed functional medicine strategies.

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Have you been told you’re fine but you know something’s wrong?

Most of our patients have spent years going from doctor to doctor, only to be told they’re fine.  If you don’t take action, your thyroid, diabetes, brain, or autoimmune condition will continue to worsen.

Do you miss your old life?

Have your symptoms been getting so bad that you can no longer do what you love and it takes all your energy just to get through the day?

Without addressing the unique underlying causes of your health problems, just barely getting through each day will continue to deplete you.

Medications aren’t working, but you don’t know where to turn

You don’t know who to trust anymore. Nothing seems to work and you have been made to feel like you’re crazy or whiny.

Your condition is isolating because no one understands and you “look fine.” You continue to withdraw from the world simply to survive each day.


Your symptoms are real — Dr. Redd knows what you are going through

We listen to you, we believe you, and we take your symptoms seriously

Dr. Redd knows that while most doctors treat the symptoms, you need someone who gets to the root of the problem.  Dr. Redd has developed one of the largest autoimmune clinics in the world, treating thousands of patients every year. This has given Dr. Redd and his team the experience to home in on your unique health needs, develop a personalized treatment plan, and teach you how to master your health and regain your vitality.

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Are your lab results normal but you’ve never felt worse?

Regain control of you life by understanding the cause of your symptoms

Go from feeling hopeless to feeling excited about life again

We’ll get to the underlying causes of your symptoms for lasting results


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Here are the agreements we make when you become a patient at RedRiver Health and Wellness

We listen to you and believe your symptoms are real

We will always listen to and believe you.

We know you have been told you’re fine…and that you’re not. We will listen to your symptoms and create a custom plan based on your needs.

Your situation is not hopeless.

You simply need to learn how to implement diet and lifestyle strategies to dramatically change your health.

We will give it you straight. 

We do not give you miracle cures or magic bullets. Hashimoto’s and autoimmunity is incurable but can be put into remission. Reversing type 2 diabetes and other chronic conditions is possible but will take work on your part, too. 

We are here to listen and support you. 

We are on your team. Helping you get control of you life again and get back to doing the things you love is our primary goal.


I have 8 children; I am 50 years old, and am currently working on a master’s degree. I have had Hashimotos autoimmune disease for years. I have suffered from symptoms ranging from sleepless nights, high anxiety, and terrible itching arms (to the point of bleeding) to hair loss, brain fog, irregular bowel function and fatigue. I was taking high doses of hormones, yet my symptoms got worse.

Finally, I went to RedRiver Health and Wellness Center. Is it possible to feel great, sleep hard, work long days, feel rested, feel centered, and have good energy all day long even 14 hours a day, and also feel great? Absolutely! It is possible to feel great at 50, to have long days, to be balanced, and to have a joyous feeling of health and wellness. Today I feel great!

I highly recommend the RedRiver to anyone struggling with thyroid problems and issues of imbalanced hormones.

Francine M.

My symptoms were: skin rashes, stomach pains, extreme joint pain, heart pains, severe asthma, continual strep throat, mouth sores, nodules on the thyroid, extreme fatigue, no periods, paranoia, and brain swelling that resulted in momentary loss of reality. I was put on multiple different brands of birth control, which made me go crazy. I was then put on Metformin which made me have massive stomach cramps and throw-up constantly. It was at this point that I realized, after 22 years of going to multiple different specialists, these doctors were not able to help me. I had given up.

Then one day we were told about Dr. Redd. When I met with him, I was relieved someone would listen to me and understand that I needed help. They did a lot of testing and concluded that I had lupus, Hashimoto’s, and multiple imbalances that caused them both to flare up. 

Through working with them I lost 40 lbs in 3 months, learned a custom diet, and which supplements worked best for me. I am now able to live a normal life pain-free! I owe my life to them!!!


Several months ago, I saw your commercial for RedRiver Health and Wellness and decided it was time for me to do something about my Hashimoto’s other than taking medication. I had 3 days in a row of feeling so exhausted that I didn’t think I would be able to make it down my hallway to feed my three dogs and stayed all day. Although I am 72 years old, I knew my exhaustion was something more — I have always been energetic and strong.

As of today, I am mowing my own lawn once a week, which takes 3 hours. I do my own pruning, etc. I haven’t had this kind of energy in 15 years. I am thrilled!

Thank you for your excellence in your choice of staff and for caring for those of us who have issues not addressed by ‘traditional medicine.’


For years I’ve struggled with my weight and thinning hair, but thyroid test results always came back ‘normal.’ About a year ago I became so tired and felt as if I could go to sleep for the night at 2 pm! I dragged through the day with no energy and felt achy and tired all over. My digestive tract was a mess too. 

I saw Red River on a TV commercial and decided to call for an appointment. They discovered I had inflammation, my adrenal and cortisol levels were all messed up, I had slightly high cholesterol, low vitamin D level, my digestive tract needed help, and my body temperature was too low. 

Within 2 weeks I felt my energy level return to normal! I felt great again. Slowly over 4 months my digestive tract began to function properly, my body temperature normalized, and overall I feel the way I used to feel — GREAT! 

My hair is still a little thin, but not like it was. I’d definitely recommend coming in for an appointment if you are feeling the way I was. The difference I feel in such a short amount of time is amazing!

J. M.

This program has improved my life through a series of health benefits such as weight loss, getting rid of headaches, controlling my asthma, lowering my blood pressure, sleeping better, and relieving depression. I haven’t felt this good in 20 years!

When you are really ready for some help, you can find it here with Dr. Redd. The program is well worth the effort because you will receive great benefits from it. It’s given me hope and determination to change my health around.

It is very difficult to choose one aspect of my health improvement to be most pleased about because altogether they have given me my life back. That being said, after years of high blood pressure and weight gain, the relief from these ailments have given me a great boost.

I appreciate Dr. Redd’s positive attitude and outlook. He always stayed positive even during times when I failed to follow the program exactly. His encouragement got me back on track and is keeping me going.

After taking my three daughters to Dr. Redd, he suggested that I needed help also. I got an urgent call from Dr. Redd the day after I had my blood drawn telling me that I need to go to the hospital as soon as possible because I had no red blood cells. Dr. Redd understood that although he knew that there was a problem, he was unable to treat it. I made an appointment with my doctor the next day. After arguing with the hospital doctor about who I should have been seeing even though I had been going to them regularly for the same problem, they admitted me to the hospital. They did an emergency transfusion that day and also did a vaginal check because they wanted to see where I was losing blood. 

It was then that they found a gigantic tumor on my cervix and then scheduled an immediate hysterectomy. Before they did the surgery, they had to give me 4 more pints of blood so that I was physically able to do the surgery. They found over 20 tumors in my uterus. Since the surgery Dr. Redd has helped me so I can breathe and walk normally. I have also lost 50 pounds and stopped losing my hair. If Dr. Redd had not offered to help, I would have died.


Hashimoto’s and autoimmunity worsen if left unmanaged

Hashimoto’s and other autoimmune diseases progressively degenerate over time, destroying the target tissue and worsening symptoms. They are incurable diseases, but you can drive them into remission by addressing the underlying causes. But the longer you wait, the worse the damage will be.

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